What do you think about AI?

When we talk about AI, what do you think?

What is AI?

This word has been heard for a long time. Maybe a little more frequently, in the past. What was the first time you heard about AI? Many people may have pictures of robots in their own imagination. That we have seen on television and movies. You might think its unrelated to us.

What I can say that we use AI in our lives almost everyday without notice it.  It permeates all activities, whether it is industrial technology, production, medical, communication and many other areas, even communication, marketing, sales and customer service. When we are talking about the next generation of AI-based products, currently only 5% is in the world market.  Whereas from now on, it will be important for every business for the next 5-20 years.

Are you aware that only 5% of AI is actually in your life?
Where does AI come from?

The term AI stands for Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence. Considered one of the science of computer science.
That experts and researchers have put in their best efforts to make, this is intelligent, appropriate and complete, with abundant capabilities. This science did not just develop in a few years.
Its origin since ancient Greece. This tech was developed for many hundreds of years until the present day.  In 2018, artificial intelligence will become more and more popular, until you can almost forget how we all lived  without this new innovation.

The work of AI is a computer program developed to have its own logic. It is a representative of intelligent humans able to work or use reason to solve problems in terms of reasoning. The intelligence has reason, learn, plan or present other abilities, such as the processing of the information we provide or automatic display of available data. So we can say that its mimics the neural networks of the human brain.

Currently, the operation of AI is very accurate. Its almost no error has founded. As I can say it is able to work for a specified period and can be done at all times, 24 hours, 7 days.
In conclusion. AI will inevitably play a role in the entire world because it is the greatest invention in human history.