Does AI help or vie for human work? How to handle AI ERA?

Lets think about in the next 10 years. It is not likely to come to think of which profession is hot. Which profession will be gone? Probably the right question.  That we have seen in movies that robots will dominate human labor is about to happen in the near future both in the public and private sectors. Our house has been awake with AI for a while. Now a day some people are afraid that AI will lead to unemployment.

This intelligent robot will make life easier, faster. And more scary or not? In the future, we will have a more reliable wireless internet connection. When this happens, means even in remote areas data transfer will continue. We will enter the “robot revolution” fully and will have a profound impact on the world.

If you want to know how many percent of the job is being swallowed, try going to Will Robots Take My Job. Just enter the job position that we want to search. The system will immediately evaluate the risk for viewing with annotations for why designed and developed by “Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal”  Using the database from the report “The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerization?” and from the US Department of Labor.


Machine Learning is a science that allows computers to learn by themselves. When new information comes in, can think Without people having to go to the program. Machine Learning has programs that understand the relationships of information then create a method for responding to the data itself by learning from the data.  We searched for a lot, it will remember that if a command comes in like this. What is the correct answer?
An example that is very easy to see is Google’s Search Engine or Facebook’s Friend Suggestions that we see on our Facebook. The system has chosen that we should know.
The machine learning is a combination of many disciplines, such as computer science, engineering, and especially statistics. whereas humans define the learning rules of Machine Learning by using math to set the computer, the rules will be processed.
In addition, it also connects with other knowledge that we want to apply, such as biology, chemistry, market principles, etc. We use Machine Learning to benefit in AI by creating new knowledge. Leading to response to different events, making AI smarter, with more artificial brain like humans.

Who will stay, who will go?

Volunteer work, social work, nurse, therapist, psychologist, negotiation skills and especially in various artistic fields to use the left brain in the majority careers that often use emotions to get involved in work. Such as Artists, Designers, Engineers, are still safe. Because these professions require special skills, original ideas are difficult to imitate. There is no fixed pattern.
Financial industry is likely very promising because Machine Learning can analyze financial data and prepare accounting data. Precisely which does not require an accountant . An example that is evident is that ATM and Mobile Banking has replaced many parts of humans already.

How to prepare to handle?

The robots are excellent with precision,work tirelessly. The robot works all day and no sound is heard. Robots don’t want holidays. Including the productivity is more flawless. One robot may be equal to 10 or more workers. AI are going to replace many careers and automation. We still need to take more time to test until we are confident that we can actually replace humans.

Therefore, we don’t need to be afraid of robots.

Its slows down the time for us to take more time to develop other areas. Don’t worry about it. Robots are made by humans. Regardless of how smart the robot is However, within the framework of the program that has to insert. If we apply the AI ​​and the human brain to work together, it will be very powerful. Kindly use the advantages of tireless management.
We apply creativity in everyday life in every profession. Regardless of the profession, you can use your own aptitude to work with creativity.

Such as Marketing and Advertising

As we already know that there is a lot of information on the internet today. It change everyday for marketers to analyze. It’s probably not possible but we can use machine learning to track consumer behavior instantly. It is a tool to help marketers analyze the right spot.
The robot may be able to remember information without limits. There is still lacking social and creative skills. It requires persuasive skills in selling, designing and thinking outside the box to get the attention of customers. If you don’t know how to adjust the robot will definitely take your job.