Capabilities of AI that should mix and match to your business

If talking about the future of technology .The hottest of the era must accept that Artificial intelligence or AI, plays an important role in many ways. Business and industry are likely that artificial intelligence will play an important role in work and life in the digital age very much. Until someone asks what AI can bring to business benefits? How will the future change? How should we prepare to cope?

AI technology is a concept that has been around for a long time, and with continuous development for many decades. As part of the development of computer science. It is intelligence created for inanimate objects. The characteristics of intelligence and intelligence similar to humans.  The outstanding feature is the ability to learn by yourself, think, analyze and distinguish complex data.

1. Data learning system and data prediction using Machine Learning and Big Data Platforms

Learning and predicting the results of data because AI needs to use learning through various information. The more information that is used to teach AI, the more we can create more intelligent AI. The teaching process and the algorithms used in teaching the AI ​​require processing resources and collecting large amounts of data.
Therefore, creating a successful AI system, Big Data technology is also indispensable.

2. Special processing equipment for AI (AI-optimized Hardware)

In addition to Big Data, some machine learning or AI types require a lot of processing resources. The introduction of special hardware that has been designed to have many processors to reduce processing time.  It is one component that helps the AI ​​can be used in real life.

3. Assistant to make difficult decisions to be easy (Decision Management)

The computer program to work according to the rules that we set. Is the basic ability of computers. It is called the search for the best Optimize Alternatives on the available data. To help us make difficult decisions And has a lot of information to make a decision We therefore inevitably need to use AI, such as personalized marketing or personal recommendation systems.

4. Superior to Machine Learning with Deep Learning

Now everyone understands and realizes the benefits of Machine Learning. If we can build a complex system to use to classify things. Then it is necessary to design AI according to the way the human brain works, known as the Artificial Neural Network. (ANN) which is very complex. We can use “Deep Learning” to create a system to distinguish objects or faces System for recognizing or recognizing sounds etc.

5. Identify yourself with AI.

Biometric identification, for example the iris, voice, fingerprints, face, body language, is part of the introduction of AI technology that uses biometrics to recognize patterns. And can be used to identify or identify, many of which are already in our daily lives. Like a fingerprint scanner to record time instead of clocking Iris scan for access to the smartphone etc.

6. Know the language that humans use. With natural language processing (NLP)

NLP is a technology that allows us to interact with computers naturally. NLP technology analyzes the commands or needs of users through natural language such as Google. It helps to find documents in Google Drive more convenient and accurate.

7. Respond by voice From speech recognition and synthesis systems (Speech Recognition and Synthesis)

That it is another system that can work together with the NLP system so that we can respond to computers more conveniently, quickly, and more naturally.

8. Access all services with Virtual Agents.

The technology allows us to access endless knowledge bases or services on our smart phones, such as “Siri”, can access and understand schedules, emails, calendars, clocks, or Alexa can access our Amazon or Smart Home Device services. The ability to understand human needs and the ability to find services.  Regarded as the heart of the virtual assistant system. What we know today through a technology called “Chat bot”.

9. Automation with robot technology (Robotic Process Automation)

Robot technology has been used in the industry for a long time. whereas the application of robot technology to the business sector Or as part of daily life is still limited Is able to be used to solve specific problems such as cleaning robots Robot receptionist A car that can be driven by yourself All of which can connect the AI ​​that is the brain of the system to the real world.

As innovations and technologies play a role in people’s lives and become an important variable in driving business. Every organization, including employees, must prepare themselves to develop their capabilities and understand new innovations. To keep pace with the technology of the future And increase the ability to compete