The key factors that made Big Data change the business world

Who says Big data is not relate with us? If you are the one who thinks that Big Data sounds great and is not relate to you.  whether you are a small, medium,  or large business with hundreds of employees. If your business still has data exchange, data recording and data storage We congratulate you too. That is because you already have Big Data already, because it doesn’t matter what type of your business  or how big your business is. Because as long as data is still being collected analyze the data and convert those data to use, then Big Data will affect every business equally.

1. Data will become assets in business

We can reject it even small businesses create new information every day. If that business has a website Social media Payment is accepted by credit card. Or have membership applications Because even stores that are operated by one person and only employees still have data collection activities from customers Including the information obtained from customers’ services And if there is a website, it will include traffic that occurs on that website. That means that every company.
2. Big Data will help the company get better data for customers.
Over the years, many companies have used Big Data to collect customer data. In order to get services and products that meet the needs of the most customers. Ranging from car manufacturers to sports equipment companies both are accelerating the collection of customer information in order to obtain customer information on-demand.  It needs a convenient way for customers to buy and payment methods that are convenient for customers, etc.

3. Big Data helps improve internal efficiency and work.

Since the use of sensors to see the performance of the machine to the analysis of the shipping route track the work efficiency of employees. Including helping select quality personnel. The Big Data has the ability to help improve the efficiency and internal work of almost every type of business. For example, It is being able to use sensors to help track products and measure the performance of the machine.

4. Data helps the company improve customer satisfaction and lead to better use of Big Data to forward products.

The most prominent benefit of the data. We cannot deny is that the company will be able to use the information collected from customers to develop products. For example, John Deere, a tractor manufacturing company. That is not just using the information for the benefit of customers only But also used to create new products as well.