Crowdsourcing Technology

What is Crowdsaucing?

Crowdsourcing is the trend of technology and service providers. Web Service, Hosting and Application are giving importance. This cloud is highly valued and powerful.  Crowdsourcing take out the word Crowd and Outsourcing is a distribution of problems or objectives for a group of people or communities online.  There is for solve problems or do whatever.  For example, Wikipedia, an online department that is populated with cyberspace, helps to create and edit content, and Waze, a navigation app that can report real time traffic to those who use the app.

Crowdsourcing features

Wow Experience. It is a strange experience for consumers. If because no one can predict what is going to happen from consumer participation.

Expanding the online community base and creating a consumer engagement experience. Suppose when a product brand is in the consumer’s content. The consumer is involved with the brand’s content. It makes touch point an important driving force.

Checking behaviors and suggestions from consumers.  The consumers can create content by themselves or share in their own views through the brand. The viewpoint that the brand would like making this area similar to creating a small focus group from people around the world.

Easy to Viral. Creating content from consumers creates a variety of content and quality. Will be responsible for transmitting Viral to yourself.

Crowdsourcing Which side has been used?

Fundraising . In this form is called “Crowdfunding” comes from people who have ideas for wanting to sell products or want to do business.  Whereas lack funds. Therefore need to raise funds through the Crowdfunding system.

Working in a company store. Such as offering ideas from multiple employees. Including from customers to help in the analysis and design of new products or services.

Competition to find the best answer.  The research has taken this idea, such as NASA, allowing the world to create the most efficient system and algorithm for finding comets from star images at NASA online.

Used to vote for products. The collection of opinions from many people to make decisions about the production and distribution of products.

Used to gather information . Such as enabling everyone to submit a localized translation into the translation system