Essential skills when you have to work in the digital era.

Currently, there are many unemployed. Even new graduating because the digital era has brought machines and robots instead of humans. They have just been frightened. Today, we bring you the skills you should have in the digital era.


With robots entering work systems and job automation becoming more common, social skills are more important than ever.  We are better at social interaction and dialogue than robots (For now).
Those with desperate technical careers expect to show more interpersonal skills.  We can negotiate with colleagues, managers, customers, and your team on the list of skills that will be added.

The decision

Of course, robots are not capable of Self-determination. Every time it decides to pass on from Coding only and in some cases we want to make more decisions.


As a senior author at the World Economic Forum. Alex Gray explains “With new product ideas. There are new technologies and new ways of working, employees need to be more creative in order to benefit from the change.”

Critical thinking 

The survey found that being an important thinker will continue to be valuable in the next 4 years. Th critical thinking involves the ability to use logic and reasoning to inquire problems or problems, consider solutions to problems. And weigh the pros and cons of each method.

Emotional intelligence

Data from HR staff and the company’s strategy is that social skills. Such as persuading, emotional intelligence and teaching others will increase demand in various industries in the future. Our ability to measure our ability to adjust our behavior depends on the emotions of colleagues, family members, or even our own inner feelings.

In conclusion. it’s about having mental flexibility in solving problems.  That we have never seen before and able to solve problems that change quickly and more complexly. Robots are not currently able to do .