New Normal Keep an eye on the plastic trend

From the situation of the spread of “Covid-19”. Its like a big wave that has a severe impact throughout the world. The business sector and the lifestyle of consumers until becoming a ‘New Normal’.  A new way to increase the amount of plastic waste from delivery orders by more than 15% or 6,300 tons per day.

In Thailand. There is a road map for managing plastic waste in order to Reduce – each – stop using plastic and use renewable materials. That are environmentally friendly as well as bringing 100% plastic waste back to use by 2027.

So how should an entrepreneur expand their business?


This is a problem that entrepreneurs must think in order to plan their business adaptation into Circular economy or focus ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ for efficient resource rotation.
The online plastic resin trading website Therefore gather trends for plastic entrepreneurs in the New Normal era to come together in this article.

‘ Plastic Recycling circulating for the environment ‘

The use of PCR or Post-Consumer Recycled Resin is another trend that has received attention among plastic users.  Using the plastic used to recycle into plastic beads and molded into products for direct use.
Currently, representatives of the plastic industry group.  The Federation of Thai Industries.
Previously, it is not allowed to use recycled plastic in Thailand.  The reason is we have to concerns about contamination. That may be harmful to consumers’ health. From the research results from the Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University has found a technology that can effectively eliminate these contaminants. Safe for consumers allowing those plastics to be recycled into food and beverage packaging from the environmental trend by Wood Mackenzie.

Mono – Material, Green Packaging Trend

Fundamentally, plastics are 100% recyclable. If properly stored. They will not leak into the environment. Whereas in the past. The packaging production process consisted of multiple layers of laminated film which is assembled or mixed with other non-plastic materials.
Making the packaging non-recyclable (Multi-Layer Film) when the disease control measures increase the environmental costs.


Bio – Plastic, a new alternative to sustainability


Bioplastics are invented to help plastics decompose faster. Bioplastic produced from agricultural raw materials or natural (Bio base). we can  rotate and renewable by using a short time (Renewable resource). Such as corn, sugarcane, cassava with properties. Both degradable and biodegradable.
The use and post-use management of these plastics is different from conventional plastics.  That can recycle. Consumers should observe the packaging and sort the waste correctly.  the mix of Bioplastics into the recycling process will cause damage.

We cannot deny that during this epidemic. Plastic is an important role in the fight against the crisis.  For the survival of human society intends to be a part in driving forward the Circular Economy in Thailand to use plastic properly. It is the rotation of resources to maximize benefits.  A global trend that will create natural and environmental sustainability .